Plannability Factor

“You have a great website that is able to give a very accurate weather forecast for up to a year in advance. I use it to plan hikes and backpacking trips for my Boy Scout troop in several places (even several states away). I'm thrilled, as I've never found ANYTHING as accurate for long-range forecasts and being able to do so to plan trips, hikes, etc. is absolutely fantastic!” - David

What is the 'Plannability Factor?"

We live and breathe planning ahead and measure everything we do against the plannability factor. It may sound a little hokey, but it’s our mission! The plannability factor is the degree (pun intended!) to which our long-range weather outlook helps you plan ahead for the everyday and special moments in your life.

The plannability factor has four parts: future view, easy to read, options and convenience.

View of the Future

Wouldn’t it be great to know the weather weeks, months and even a year in advance? Now you can with WeatherPlanner®. WeatherPlanner® provides a daily, year-ahead weather outlook for the next 365 days. WeatherPlanner® offers you the temperature and weather conditions so that you can plan ahead for the vacations, family events, activities and other special moments. We don’t use a crystal ball or seasonal averages - just a proprietary algorithm that many of the top brands in your pantry have been using for years. Just plug in when (the date), where (city, zip code or destination) and why (the reason your checking the weather) in the search box on our home page and we’ll give you a view of the future weather outlook.

Easy to Read

We know you’re not a meteorologist and you shouldn’t have to be to understand the weather. That’s why we present our long-range weather outlook in an easy-to-read format you use to run your life. The calendar. The calendar is the center of your world for work, the hub of activities for your family and a road map of events occurring in your life in the future. We use intuitive icons and symbols on each day of the calendar so you can quickly know the temperature and weather conditions.


We know that planning ahead means you gotta have options. That’s why we provide you with three weeks of results every time you query WeatherPlanner®. In our search box on the home page, just type in any date (in the next 365 days) and any location in North America (we’re working on the rest of the world!). Click on “plan now” and the results provide you with the temperature and weather conditions for the date you requested PLUS 10 days before and 10 days after that date. We want you to see how weather is trending so you can decide which day has the best probability for the weather you want for your plans. If you have flexibility to change the date, our weather outlook provides you with options from which to choose. If your date is fixed, our weather outlook helps you plan ahead for the anticipated weather.


You shouldn’t have to toggle to another website or app to find the weather. That’s why WeatherPlanner® wants to be in the tools, websites and apps you regularly use so our long-range weather outlook is wherever you are. While our proprietary algorithm has been used by Fortune 500 companies for more than 60 years, it is only now that it is available to you and other consumers! You can always visit our website to access our long-range weather outlook, but we want to make it as convenient for you as possible. Contact us and let us know the specific app, tool or website you would like to see WeatherPlanner® be a part of and we’ll reach out to them to try to make it happen. For now, check out 24me - one of the partners we already work with.

Without you, we don’t exist. So let us know what you think about WeatherPlanner®. Do we have the plannability factor? Did we help you plan ahead for an events, activity, trip or special moment on your calendar and in your life?

Do we have the Plannability Factor? Contact us and let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.